This Single Skill can make you Multi-Millionaire

The skill is known as Marketing. Do you know how does it help to make you Millions of Dollars? Simple, by selling anyone’s product or services. In this blog, I have explained about fundamentals and ongoing trends in Marketing.

The Fundamentals of Marketing

It is been said that Marketing and sales are the skills which can feed you for your whole life if you master them. I believe that is so true. Earlier, I used to think that marketing is just about deciding offers and discounts for your product but after persuing the commerce field, I came to know that it’s just a drop of the ocean. Marketing is so vast.
Many people think that sales and marketing are the same. But the truth is that sales is just a small part of marketing. Where sales is just about selling things, marketing is about researching, producing, and communicating about your product or services.
Marketing involves finding a problem in the market and creating a product as a solution. Marketers identify the unfulfilled need or the inefficiency in the market to create a product for the same.
Marketing involves communicating with the right customer, at the right time and on the right place.
Marketing doesn’t end after selling the product. If we can shape marketing, it would be a circle. It never ends. After-sales, CRM starts, which includes engaging with the customer and communicating on a regular basis. This is also important because initially when you create a product, it’s not a “bang on!”, it’s not fitting up exactly with the need of your consumer. You can only do so if you do proper CRM and keep modifying your product.
“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself… The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” – Peter F Drucker.
The long-term goal of marketing is to create a brand. By continuously coming in front of your target market, your brand gets registered in the mind of people.
You must be so good at marketing that the generic name of a product gets replaced by your brand’s name. eg:- Toothpaste is been replaced by Colgate.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional marketing.

Ways to market your product keeps changing but marketing principles are universal. One of the principles of marketing is that
“Marketers put money where consumer’s eyeballs are”
and today’s reality is that everyone’s eyeballs are facing their cellphones.
So because of that reason, Digital marketing is booming because everyone’s eyesight is towards their phones. Yesterday, everyone’s favorite time passing activity use to be watching TV, so every marketer use to spend money on TV ads and you don’t know tomorrow where they would be spending.
The differences between Traditional vs Digital marketing are as follows:-
1. Traditional marketing is a one-way communication whereas Digital marketing is two-way communication.
which means you cannot make your viewers fill a form or make them visit a website after clicking a button.
Traditional marketing only provides you awareness facility.
2. Traditional Marketing cannot be specific but digital marketing can be specific.
This means you can specifically target your audience according to your target market. If your target market is aged between 18-30, you can show ads only to the 18-30 age group.
But in traditional marketing, everyone is the consumer of your ad.
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CATT Marketing Funnel

You might have thought that I have spelled the word ‘CAT’ wrongly but believe me, I’m not this dumb.
CATT Funnel is a funnel for Digital marketers. It’s a path through which you take your consumer.
The Full form of CATT is Content, Attention, Trust, and transaction.
But before this, a Digital marketer has to find his niche. Niche is a category which digital marketer select to work on. This could be something which they excel on.
After selecting your niche, one must follow the CATT funnel
Content – You must create content in order to validate that you master this skill. If it’s about choosing a niche, anyone can choose any niche. An unhealthy guy can choose Health and Fitness if he wants but he can’t hide the truth from the audience for long.
Creating content provides you the authority in your tribe. It helps you to become the leader of your community.
You can use the AIDA formula to form your content.
Attention – As you cannot earn money by just creating a product and keeping it in a room where nobody comes. You need to get your product in people’s attention. 
The same goes for digital marketing, you have to make sure that people are paying attention to your content. Because it’s a game of audience if you have it, you have an advantage.
Trust – In a world full of scams, you need to gain trust even from your father. Your audience has never met you, why would they trust you?
But the reality is that trust can be created by the ultimate value of your product or content. And this is how branding happens right? The brand comes in from of you again and again and boom, they have a place in your mind, and how can you not trust a brand?
Transaction – Now when you have gained the trust of your user, it’s time to provide them value with your product and make a transaction. Many sales method helps in this phase.

Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

Integrated digital marketing is, as it sounds, the integration of multiple marketing strategies to form a cohesive online approach for your business.
There are multiple things if you talk about Digital marketing.
It includes:-
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Email Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Content Marketing
and much more
A digital marketer has to integrate all these strategies in order to market their product. Few techniques work very well and do not on a particular period but a marketer must keep using all the techniques throughout the funnel.

Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

There are two types of brands around us.
1. Personal brand
2. Corporate brand
Creating either of these can help you to create the other type of brand.
Salman Khan created his personal brand first and because of it, he was able to create his corporate brand “Being Human”. 
And in the case of Steve Jobs, He created his corporate brand first and after that, he got famous because of it.
Today, you can create your personal brand easily by creating content on social media.
Just follow these steps:-

1. Learn  You must first master a skill you can create content about.

2. Work After learning implement it so that you can practice it practically.
3. Blog  After practicing it, write about it, so that you can properly reflect on the topic.
4. Consult  After reflecting, start consulting it with other people through your content.
5. Mentor  After you become so good at consulting, you can become a mentor in a particular niche and can also sell your mentorship.
6. Startup  At last, create a system that works without you and solve other’s problem.
Conclusion – Marketing is not just an option these days, it’s a must-have skill. You can even market yourself and create your own brand using Digital Marketing. So what are you waiting for?
Thank you for reading the blog, tell me in the comment box you liked it or not.

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